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Plank geschaafd


Plank geschaafd



Vanaf 10 december

Express levering mogelijk

Vanaf 10 december

Express levering mogelijk
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185 cm



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185 cm

Kopmaat 21x190mm

Prijs per m¹ €30,86

Prijs per stuk €57,09

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Ipé Plank geschaafd 21x190mm

Important properties of [specie] smooth planed board

  • This profile is planed on 4 sides. The longitudinal sides are slightly rounded to prevent splintering at the sharp corners.
  • The planks are sorted on one visible side, the rear may contain some scrapes, tire marks and/or roller marks.
  • The production reserves the right to deviate a maximum of 3-4% from the head size, in order to be able to plan a beautiful, straight and dimensionally stable product. In addition, humidity can affect the head size (dry and warm weather causes shrinkage).
  • We supply wood at trade length. This means: not sawn square and not shortened to length, often with some excess length.
  • Dry cracks can be seen on the headsides. Always calculate at least 10 cm extra sawing loss in length.
  • Correct installation is very important. Good ventilation, sufficient framing and correct fastening are required. Before you start, read our mounting tips and instructions carefully!

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EUTR: this product complies with the European Timber Regulation – 995/2010. This European regulation prohibits the marketing of illegally harvested wood. The party that first places the product on the European market has a duty of care to demonstrate that the product has not been illegally harvested or traded.

AD Humidity

This wood has been freshly sawn and is stored in our semi-open storage. The longer the wood is in storage, the more it will dry. When AD (Air Dried) wood dries too quickly, for example when used indoors or when it is in full sun, it will shrink and dryness cracks and/or bends can occur. We advise not to process AD in-house.

FAS Grade

This product is sorted according to the FAS (First and Second) grade. This is the most common and also the highest grade of (tropical) hardwood. With this grading, at least 83.3% of the wood is free from defects, small defects can occur over the remaining part. For complete defect-free processing, this product must be assembled saw-falling.


Ipe, one of the hardest, strongest, most stable and most durable woods from the Amazon region. It is a hard, heavy and wear-resistant type of wood of very high quality. It has excellent resistance to wood-destroying fungi and very good technical properties.

Ipe is highly resistant to fungal attack and termites. That is why it can also be used for a longer period of time without special protective measures. Ipe is perfect for outdoor applications such as facade cladding, wall cladding and decking. In addition, it is also used in harbor construction for load-bearing parts with high mechanical stress and for bridge construction, docks, noise and privacy walls, fencing, horse stables, acid tanks and for extremely load-bearing floors.

In addition to Padouk and Cumaru Ipe is one of woods with a small coefficient of shrinkage and expansion. This means that Ipe has relatively little shrinkage and expansion and therefore has little cracking compared to other hardwoods. Ipe is dimensionally stable and for this reason also excellent for finishing as a pond or swimming pool edge. In terms of color and structure, Ipe is a predominantly homogeneous wood. The type of wood has a fine structure. Ipe has a solid warm brown color with a greenish tint. Ipe is therefore also called greenheart.


  • extremely hard, strong and durable
  • dimensional stability and small shrinkage and expansion coefficient< li>Durability class 1
  • Unique luxury appearance
  • Excellent for luxury outdoor floors and other high-quality exterior projects.


Despite the enormous hardness, the processing of Ipe can be done well if sharp and preferably carbide tools are used. Screw connections must be pre-drilled to avoid cracks. In addition, we always advise to use stainless steel screws and fasteners, this prevents stains on the wood. Gluing Ipe is not recommended.

Note: Deep milling, longitudinal sawing or re-cutting can expose stresses. These stresses may have arisen during drying and processing. This is one of the reasons why we recommend adding 10% wood to your order. This way you can be sure that you have enough material to work with.


Ophalen vanaf 10 december. Levering tussen 14 december en 18 december. Vraag naar de mogelijkheden van express levering.





P101 - Plank geschaafd











  • 185cm 9260837337316

What are planed planks?

The planed [specie] planks of are planed on four sides. The planing gives the wood a sleek finish and friendly appearance. Our planed products are always sorted using A and B sorting. This is the most commonly used grading where we look at three sides (visible sides) of the wood.

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