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Plank ruw

Angelim vermelho

Plank ruw FSC 100%



Vanaf 10 december

Express levering mogelijk

Vanaf 10 december

Express levering mogelijk
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350 cm



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350 cm

Kopmaat 20x100mm

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Angelim vermelho Plank ruw 20x100mm

Important properties of Angelim Vermelho rough sawn board

  • Rough sawn wood is wood that has been sawn from the trunk. It is therefore also known as sawn wood. Rough / sawn boards can have a size difference in thickness and width. It is best to use planed wood if the application requires a fixed size.
  • Sawn (raw) wood comes directly from our sawmill. This may cause painted markings on the wood.
  • We supply timber at trade length. This means: not sawn square and not shortened to length, often with some excess length.
  • Dry cracks can be seen on the headsides. Always calculate at least 10 cm extra saw loss in length.
  • Correct installation is very important. Good ventilation, sufficient framing and correct fastening are required. Before you start, read our mounting tips and -regulations carefully!


This product is FSC 100% certified. The origin of FSC wood meets global standards for sustainable forest management. The forest will remain. Trees only disappear if they can be missed.

AD Humidity

This wood has been freshly sawn and is stored in our semi-open storage. The longer the wood is in storage, the more it will dry. When AD (Air Dried) wood dries too quickly, for example when used indoors or when it is in full sun, it will shrink and dryness cracks and/or bends can occur. We advise not to process AD in-house.

FAS Grade

This product is sorted according to the FAS (First and Second) grade. This is the most common and also the highest grade of (tropical) hardwood. With this grading, at least 83.3% of the wood is free from defects, small defects can occur over the remaining part. For complete defect-free processing, this product must be assembled saw-falling.

Angelim Vermelho

Angelim Vermelho is a type of wood from South America and it is orange brown to dark brown in color. The wood is very hard and very durable. Drying too quickly and smaller dimensions can cause cracks and deformation. Angelim Vermelho is mainly used for heavy structural loads and for direct ground contact. This type of wood impresses with its technical properties such as enormous hardness, wear resistance and very high durability.

Due to its very high durability, Angelim Vermelho can be used excellently for outdoor applications, e.g. in hydraulic engineering or bridge construction, vehicle construction , sheeting and lock gates. It is also used for noise barriers, stables and posts. Angelim Vermelho has a tendency to bleed out. This can cause stains on underlying work.

Angelim Vermelho is a structurally homogeneous wood species with an extremely high density. Dark lines, parallel to the annual rings, are characteristic of this type of wood. The fresh wood has an unpleasant odor. This smell disappears after some time.


  • Very strong and wear-resistant wood
  • Suitable for extremely heavy loads
  • < li>Durability class 1
  • Beautiful homogeneous appearance
  • Very suitable for direct ground or water contact and heavy constructions


Despite the hardness of Angelim Vermelho, the wood is easy to work with if sharp, and preferably carbide, tools are used. For a nice finish, pre-drilling in combination with the use of a countersink or sovereign drill is recommended. Both prevent cracks in the wood and/or breakage of the screw heads.

Caution: Deep milling, longitudinal sawing or re-cutting can expose stresses. These stresses may have arisen during drying and processing. This is one of the reasons why we recommend adding 10% wood to your order. This way you can be sure that you have enough material to work with.


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Angelim vermelho


FSC 100%


RGH1 - Plank ruw











  • 350cm 1343928847104

What are rough sawn boards?

Sawn Angelim Vermelho is also sometimes called fine sawn Angelim Vermelho or rough sawn Angelim Vermelho. It concerns machine-sawn wood without any post-processing. Sawn wood still has wood fibers on the surface and a robust appearance. Sawn Angelim Vermelho may contain imperfections on the surface, as well as slight variations in width or thickness. Sawn wood is not completely dimensionally stable and may not be completely square.